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We are a Cosmic

This is our commitment to a cosmic vision that supports regenerative practices, sustainable developmental goals & indigenous empowerment. We are discerning about partnerships and collaborations, critical of performative activism and corrupt environmentalism. We are a mycelial collective creating nodal relationships with like-hearted people, projects, and communities.  

Remembering abundant and thriving communities

Our physical gatherings focus on creating 7 generation effects. We have planted native plants that can revive local ecosystems. We have planted fruits and vegetables that can become food forests and community gardens. We have supported and started regenerstive spaces for anyone to volunteer and be involved with.


Regenerative Education

Taught water management, native plant species that support/mitigate with climate change and fire hazards, education about environmental science. Provided local neighborhood with education on which plants are native and local, which plants are great pollinators that can create more local plants to grow and reduce climate degradation, and education around how to support local urban gardens that can grow with or without city regulation. providing community with education about civic engagement, how to care for the park, and connecting people with local educators and small business educators

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