We are building a multi-dimensional educational vehicle that combines the ethos of Star Trek, the guidance of Hogwarts, and the curiosity of Magic School Bus.

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September 21, 2022 meeting
Summer SOILstice 2022 - Elysian Park, LA, CA
Cosmic DAOing 2
Summer SOILstice 2022 prep (June 12)

Summer SOILstice 2022 prep (June 12)

https://nextcity.org/urbanist-news/test-plots-in-los-angeles-parks-grow-more-than-native-crops-a-community-of https://terremoto.la/project/test-plot https://ronfinley.com/ Here is the strategic plan that I mentioned from Frida's organization too, which could be useful to us: https://18thstreet.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/APPROVED-18SAC-Strategic-Plan-2019-2024.pdf https://www.onoraglobal.com/learning-center/consciousness/ripple-effects =Smart contract to nonprofit/org donation - regenerative funding model for student internships after the program #enzymatic MYST dominated my early childhood ... I actually played it on VR a few months ago lol Myst was dope So many of my students (college level) are hyped about thr Cosmic Labyrinth! I'll be inviting them to where ever we end up on 6/25! I have a coworker who is very interested in bringing these tools to her class as well. We can also speak at the Aero conference... Yes Aero conference! Anyone is able to offer a popup session. We ask that you offer these on the break times not, during scheduled presentation times. You are also welcome to offer sessions before and after the conference dates.  You will need to provide your own link to whichever platform you are going to use. *Please note that these will not be monitored by AERO personnel.  Additionally session topics,  content, presentations, and format should not be considered to be an endorsement by AERO. it's 6/25-6/27 Compassion fatigue is real and moral injury = teaching things you dont agree with https://www.mycoolclass.com/ https://coop.mycoolclass.com/ https://vimeo.com/702145725 About gratitude-based learning & innovation Education Innovation Cooperative A Distributed Knowledge-Sharing Network, Populated by Local Education Innovation Coops - Content Generated by Students and Teachers for Students and Teachers Some of my best teachers have been my students #regenerative-teachers working with group homes They have to submit a project based learning experience to redeem the solara the project is the NFT NFT can = dynamic website/etc mort-gage 1+8=9 https://www.sustainabilitytoolbox.com/ Astrology x Education - Reimaging the Future of Education, Together

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