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Saturday June 25, 2022
half day (2 pm - 7 pm) regenerative
hero's journey & edutainment forum

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Empowering the Hero Within

We are a collective of multipotential educators and seekers cooperatively creating a unique curriculum that combines Astrology, Regenerative Agriculture, Social emotional learning, Skill building, art therapy and science, mythology, spirituality, movement and play to enrich youth with confidence, courage, and conviction to be super heroes in the "real world" by being both alive within themselves and effectively supportive to their communities. 

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The natal chart acts as a practical and intuitive guide to develop and practice the elements within oneself and in mindful relationship to others and the natural world

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Neuroplasticity Laughter for fungis & fungirls

Wild Mushrooms

some of the Playshop
offerings to expect


Astrologer Writing Natal Chart


Enjoying Nature


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Regenerative Sound Bath & Sacred Drum Circle

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Each playshop is edutainment that introduces self sustaining life skills while also gaining elemental mana 


We will gather in an act of stewardship for the land of Elysian Park, volunteering to regenerate the area of and around Marian Harlow Memorial Grove. We have been given permission to collaborate with an amazing architectural studio focused on community, Terremoto, that is currently creating Test Plots, small zones of native ecological regeneration in this area. We will visit one such plot to learn about the native ecosystem, and do our part to add to this regeneration of the land and appreciation of the native species of the land of Los Angeles.

We feed the elemental egg to have it hatch and connect to everyone's hero's journey & build self-actualizing NFT mythology

Dancing at Home
Dance Class
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Aether also known as spirit of love

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Are you ready for this journey?


Out of the box teacher?


small business

Business, farmers, vendors
grassroots orgz

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Are you a teacher that wants to share the power of magic, alchemy, vibrations, elements, mythology, spirituality and science, and other topics that public schools will not allow?

Are you a business, local farmer, grassroots organization, or entrepreneur that sees the benefit of supporting and inspiring the youth? Do you recognize that creative collaboration like this event may lead to opportunities unforeseen because of the intent and focus to care for ourselves and the community?

Kiss the Ground

KtG's mission is to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration and inspire participation in this movement through media, communications, education, workshops, immersive programming, and advocacy.

Raw Sugar Ca

Assistant Manager

Noah Patterson

Programming Editor


Kiss the Ground

KtG's mission is to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration and inspire participation in this movement through media, communications, education, workshops, immersive programming, and advocacy.


Raw Cane Superjuice

We provide pure, unprocessed, chemical-free, non-genetically-modified, natural foods as a response and alternative to the nutrient depleted foods and refined sugars that are currently failing our bodies and our children.
Together and with your support we can help local, sustainable, fair-trade, family-owned farms, and improve our lives and communities with better health and well being.

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Mort and Betty's

Food is a personal thing. It holds precious memories of family, traditions, and culture. Yet, it’s possible to hold on to what food means to us while letting go of animal products. The end result may even be more vibrant, compassionate, and more alive. I hope that Mort & Betty’s provides this to the lovers of lox, pastrami, corned beef, and kreplach. If you have nostalgia for this food, I hope that we satisfy your cravings, touch a food memory, and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

~ Megan Tucker – Chef & Curator


We Deepen

Social and growth-oriented experiences designed to weave you into community and deepen your relationships.

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Onora makes it easy for you to become more aware of your impact on the planet, fund innovative projects that repair our unintended harm, and to more easily live your good intentions. Together, we're helping build a better future we can all smile at.


Vortex Immersion Media

Vortex Immersion Media, is the world’s leading developer and operator of transformative 360º immersive entertainment experiences

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