Cosmic Kits
are our gift to our children
(or our children)

They are a cosmic way for us to raise fun(d)s

Every few months, we collaborate and produce new & relevant Cosmic Kits. 

Welcome collaborating with creatives, healers, and technical wizards to include their gifts in the Cosmic Kits.

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Flower Essences

by Prachi &


Ingredients: Structured water, Vegetable glycerine, Arnica, Chicory,  Echinacea, Golden Yarrow, Heather, Impatiens, Pink Yarrow, Rock Water, White Chestnut, Yarrow


Elemental Building

Play with fire, earth, water and air and build with their respective platonic configurations. These are laser cut designs 

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SEL Potions

Syrissa and Remedial Magic

Syrissa handcrafts each tea blend to support mental, physical, and spiritual health. Everything she selects is organically and sustainably grown on farms that honor indigenous culture and communities. 

wrapLove Bracelet

wrapLove bracelet 1.jpg

Cosmic Kelly and Heartspace

"wrapLOVE bracelets are helping us bring a physical representation of the interconnection that exists between all beings! We are all connected and on a mission to have everyone on planet earth and beyond know they are loved and support them to live in love! wrapLOVE is also working hard to raise awareness of how many children around the globe are without a family and feel very alone and unloved often. In this small act of kindness and simple bracelet - we can all come together to unify into one loving family. Micro actions can cause Macro results for eons to come!"

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