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TCM Single Herb Set 3 of 3
  • TCM Single Herb Set 3 of 3

    Introducing our meticulously crafted Traditional Chinese Medicine Herb Study Flash Cards – the ultimate tool for mastering the intricate world of herbal medicine. Whether you're preparing for board exams, advancing your degree, or simply indulging your passion for herbs, these flash cards are your gateway to comprehensive learning and expertise.

    🌱 Explore the Wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Immerse yourself in the rich heritage of herbal remedies that have been honed over centuries. Our flash cards cover a diverse array of herbs, each accompanied by detailed descriptions of their properties, functions, indications and applications in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

    📚 Efficient and Comprehensive Learning: Designed to enhance your learning process, each flash card presents an herb's Pinyin name, and english or common name, medicinal properties, flavor, and channels influenced according to TCM principles. Each herb card shows what the plant or animal looks like in nature to make it easy to recognize and forage.  Another additional image shows how the part of this herb will be dried and stored to recognize when using the raw herb form.  These cards encapsulate the essence of each herb, making it easier to grasp and retain crucial information.

    🔍 Perfect for All Levels: Whether you're a TCM student aiming to excel in your exams, a professional pursuing board certification, or an enthusiast captivated by the world of herbal medicine, these flash cards cater to all levels of expertise. They serve as an invaluable aid in both foundational and advanced studies.

    🧠 Enhance Recall and Retention: The combination of concise information and visual aid on each card aids in better memory retention. Use them as a self-testing tool or incorporate them into group study sessions to reinforce your understanding of herbal properties and applications.

    🌿 Practical Application: These flash cards not only help you memorize the herbs but also guide you in understanding their practical use in treating various health conditions. Acquire the skills to formulate herbal remedies that align with TCM principles, promoting holistic well-being.

    🎨 Elegant Design and Durable Build: Crafted with care, each card features elegant illustrations of the herbs, capturing their essence while remaining visually appealing. The sturdy construction ensures they withstand regular use, becoming a timeless addition to your study resources.

    🌏 Global Reach: No matter where you're located, our flash cards ship worldwide. Embrace the opportunity to delve into the world of Traditional Chinese Medicine, irrespective of geographical boundaries.

    The cards are curated with references from the Materia Medica by Bensky. These flash cards bring to life the essence of this timeless text, offering a direct connection to the wisdom it holds. Organized with meticulous attention, the flash cards are divided into three comprehensive sets. Each set corresponds to the distinct categories outlined in Bansky's work, ensuring a seamless alignment with your studies.

    This set includes the following categories & :
    2 cards with icon description(Notation)

    11 Category cards
    - Warming the Interior
    - Tonify Qi
    - Tonify Blood
    - Tonify Yang
    - Tonify Yin
    - Stabilize
    - Calm the Spirit
    - Open the Orifices
    - Extinguish Tremors
    - Killing Parasites
    - Topical Application

    113 Herb cards
    + Front of card:
    - Pinyin name of the herb, and underneath, the english/latin name of the plant
    - Image on top is the herb found in nature
    - Image at the bottom is the herb prepared for use
    - Icons between both pictures, are the channels and some of the highlights of their functions
    - Bottom left - category icon

    + Back of Cards
    - Category of herb
    - Specialty of the herb
    - Additional functions
    - Indications for the herb
    - Contraindications

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