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The Shadow riders are destroying everything sacred in the world.

They are corrupting the elements, and only WE can stop it, and regenerate the elements together.

We are a Cosmic Movement

This is our commitment to a cosmic vision that supports regenerative/restorative practices, sustainable developmental goals & indigenous empowerment. We are discerning about partnerships and collaborations - critical of performative activism and corrupt environmentalism.


We are a mycelial collective creating nodal relationships with like-hearted people, projects, and communities.  

Our physical gatherings create 7 generational effects. We plant native plants that can revive local ecosystems. We encourage regenerative civic engagement, inviting local representatives to join and plant with the community. We plant fruits and vegetables that can become food forests and community gardens. We support and start regenerative spaces for anyone to volunteer and be involved with.

Remembering thriving cities & communities

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We teach water management. We plant native plant species that support/mitigate with climate change and fire hazards. We educate about environmental science. We provide local neighborhoods with education on which plants are native and local, which plants are great pollinators that can create more local plants to grow and reduce climate degradation, and education around how to support local urban gardens that can grow with or without city regulation. We provide the community with education about civic engagement, how to care for the park, and connecting people with local educators and small business educators.

Regenerative+Multi-Generational+Quality Education

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We educate the public on healthy breathing prctices for their nervous sytems. We provide physical and mental health programs. We create space for neighboring strangers to meet each other and build healthy relationships throughout the community. We move our bodies for physical health by working on gardens. We laugh together in multi-generational circles.

Transcendentally Good Health & Well-being

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We give out hundreds of free, locally sourced meals. We partner with local, regeneratively sourced small businesses. We return compost materials to small businesses. We enable a circular local food economy. We plant seeds for more free, urban gardens that can feed local houseless as well as neighborhood citizens. We discuss the power and potential for urban gardens. We create channels of support and communication between local farmers and communities.

Nourish the body, the mind, and the spirit


We create multi-dimensional marketplaces for educators, artists, healers, builders, and farmers to thrive. We focus on the well-being of local healers, farmers, and educators. We provide free events that are accessible to all and include food, resources, and connection to people in the community. We build networks and economy around shared values and vision. We leverage our relationships to feature undervalued artists, healers, and educators.

Co-create a cosmic economy that values all

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We clear parks and public spaces of garbage and debris. We educate community about effective composting and build public composting spaces that can regenerate the soil. We plant trees and plants that regenerate soil so more green can grow and lower the temperature and produce more moisture in the air. We educate the public about sustainable forest management that lowers the fire hazard in the area. We empower the community to identify and nurture local, indigenous plant species which are critical for a thriving ecosystem.

Proactively producing Climate Action

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We co-create shared moments of peace in public spaces. We invite people of all backgrounds, socioeconomics conditions, beliefs, and ideologies. We discuss mental health concerns and offer collective solutions, not just theories. We provide avenues to engage with local government, private and public grants, and gain civic literacy.  We empower the community to develop and practice their power.

Embodying Peace, Justice and Strength


We collectively build the Cosmic Labyrinth collective and explore ways to support each other. We partner with like-hearted entrepreneurs and non-profit organizations. We engage with grants that support our regenerative community projects. We invite new partnerships that are willing to go through a fun, creative distillation to determine if values and vision are shared.

Cosmic Partnerships


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