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The Cosmic portals have opened and we are awakening to a re-humanizing cosmic consciousness where everyone can discover their cosmic powers. This is an important time where we learn to build and experience heart centered technology that connects us to the natural world and our inner Selves. 

Cosmic Labyrinth is a multi-dimensional and ever-evolving experience where children and inner children are empowered to live with curiosity and cosmic consciousness. We are developers, artists, healers, and scientists building an intervolutionary gaming platform that is a nexus of knowledge about ancient cultures, mystic wisdom, and self-care. We currently curate educational playshops online and in-person that reconnect us to the wisdom of the elements and the science & spirituality inherent in them.

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Digital Cosmic Web

Explore an ever-evolving digital space that engages knowledge through play.

Digital game experiences are shared through meaningful and intentional virtual conversations, zoom play sessions and augmented learning field trips to allow children to connect at whatever level they feel most comfortable with.

Cosmic Kits 

The Cosmic Labyrinth regularly rotates a collection of cosmic educators, creators, and engineers. The Cosmic Kits are a gift to patrons who support the mission and the people. 

These Cosmic Kits are always evolving as we welcome ideas and collaborators from all walks of life. Some items kids and parents can expect to find are crystals with intentions, essential oils and uses, seeds for planting, tools for engineering magic, and neuroplasticity evoking toys. 

Kids in the Garden

Augmented Cosmic Museum Experiences

Cosmic Labyrinth is creating new types of classrooms set in nature. Stay tuned for guided field trips/retreats on regenerative farms and beautiful scenic retreat centers that enable children (and parents) to learn about nature and the origins of their food.  We are connecting locations, teachers and students together in new and creative ways.  

Cosmic Board Game

Cosmic Labyrinth is constantly innovating around games and play. Some of the games we develop are physical board games and others are augmented games using technology to improve connection to Self and nature. We collaborate with creators and educators to co-create games that help us remember mythology and magic from around the world. 

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